Amendments to the Constitution of Algeria

Enhanced by the amendments adopted by Parliament on February 7, 2016, the Constitution represents the completion of a process of institutional, political and socioeconomic reforms enacted in Algeria since 2011.

The amendments reflect a strong commitment by the Algerian authorities to expand democratic spaces and implement effective governance as an advanced stage of the dynamics of reforms being implemented in Algeria since 1999 and intended to lead to the consecration of the primacy of the law and participatory democracy within the framework of a democratic, republican and social State.

Thus, the amended Constitution further enhances the advancement of individual and collective liberties, freedom of the press, human rights, the role of Parliamentary opposition, the increased independence of the judiciary, and increased consideration of ethics in public life.

All the reforms included in the text of the amended Constitution imply the immediate enforcement of a process of review and readjustment of the Algerian legislative and regulatory framework.