Greater Consideration of Ethics in Public Life

  • The amended Constitution establishes an independent body entrusted with preventing and combating corruption, reporting to the President of the Republic, and whose members and staff are shielded by the law against any form of pressure or intimidation (Article 173.5);

This body will namely be charged with designing and contributing to a comprehensive policy of prevention and combating of corruption, ensuring transparence and accountability in the course of management of public property and public funds, and making recommendations whenever appropriate;

  • Anyone elected or appointed to a high State office in any national assembly or institution is required to release an inventory of assets at the beginning and end of mission or term;

  • In order to avoid mid-course switching of party affiliation by members of elected assemblies, the amended Constitution calls for removal from office of any member of the People's National Assembly or the Council of the Nation affiliated elected under the banner of a given political party and voluntarily switches party affiliation once elected (Article 100 ter).