Rule of Law

  • With regards to the alternance of power, the amended Constitution provides that the President of the Republic is elected to a five-year term and can be re-elected only once (Article 74). This provision is non-revisable;

  • The amended Constitution also enhances the role and independence of the Constitutional Council through administrative and financial self-reliance. Its president and members shall serve a single non-renewable eight-year term;

  • The amended Constitution also provides for the creation of a higher election monitoring authority, which will be chaired by an eminent national figure appointed by the President of the Republic in consultation with the country' political parties. This higher authority's membership shall include at parity magistrates nominated by the Higher Council of the Judiciary and independent competences selected by the President of the Republic from among members of the civil society. The higher authority will include a standing committee and its members will be deployed as soon as a writ of election is issued;

  • This higher authority is entrusted with ensuring the transparence and fairness of presidential, parliamentary and local elections from the time of issuance of a writ of election until the proclamation of provisional electoral results.