Western Sahara: Aid caravans for benefit of Sahrawi refugees

APS - 05 January 2021

ALGIERS- The Algerian-Western Sahara Friendship Group, in coordination with the Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (CNASPS), will send next Thursday aid caravans for the benefit of Saharawi refugees in the camps near Tindouf.

Besides Biskra from where 17 semi-trailers will leave, 04 semi-trailers are planned to leave from El Oued, three will start from Oran and two will leave from Algiers, while the general regrouping will take place in Béchar on January 8 before taking the road to Tindouf.

"Algerian civil society is mobilizing to provide fraternal support to assist the Sahrawi refugee population, especially in this new crucial stage of its just struggle for freedom and independence," the organizers said in the same statement.

"This action of solidarity of the Algerian people, faithful to the principles of November to accompany all peoples struggling for their freedom and independence, is testimony to the bonds of brotherhood between the Algerian and Sahrawi peoples, and marks the position of Algeria to oppose any form of occupation or colonization, in accordance with international law," the source concluded.