Ambassador Madjid Bouguerra meets with "Abdelkader Education Project" leaders

His Excellency Madjid Bouguerra met on Jan. 25, 2017, with leaders of Abdelkader Education Project, including Mrs. Kathy Garms and Mr. John Kiser, who traveled from the city of Elkader, Iowa, to brief him on the activities of their association and the outcome of their visit in November 2016 to Algeria.

During their trip to Algeria, Mrs. Garms and Mr. Kiser visited Algiers, Oran and Elkader's sister-city Mascara and met with Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi and Minister of Communication Hamid Grine, the Wali (Governor) of Mascara Province and the Head of the City Council of the City of Mascara, where they took part in commemorative festivities held in celebration of the 184th Anniversary of Allegiance of Algerian Tribes to Emir Abdelkader.