Algeria is a reliable ally of the United States in the fight against terrorism

APS - Thursday, April 28, 2016

WASHINGTON - Speaking Wednesday in Washington, Congressional Algeria Caucus Co-Chair the republican Congressman Sean Duffy called Algeria "a reliable ally of the United States", namely in the fight against terrorism.

Congressman Duffy, who made his remarks at a briefing held at the U.S. Congress on investment opportunities in Algeria, declared that "Algeria has shown in critical situations that it is a very liable ally of the United States."

In that context, Congressman Duff underscored "Algeria's steadfast support of the United States on sensitive issues" and recalled the leading role played by the Algerian government in securing freedom for 52 American hostages held in Iran.

"That successful mission was acclaimed by the American people and hailed by the members of this honorable Congress," said Mr. Duffy before adding that Algiers and Washington "share the same fundamental values of freedom and human dignity."

The Representative from Wisconsin added that Algeria had been one of the first countries to condemn the terrorist attacks of September 11against the United States and that the two countries continue to fight together against the scourge of terrorism, united as they are by a remarkable cooperation.

The congressman also addressed the strategic dialogue established in 2012 as a new instrument helping the two countries expand their relations and raise them into a comprehensive partnership covering all areas of cooperation.

"The excellence of political relations and the improved economic and trade ties between Algeria and the United States provide genuine opportunities for further strengthening the bonds of friendship and a cooperation that is beneficial for both countries," he said.

The briefing on Capitol Hill, jointly organized by the Embassy of Algeria in Washington, the U.S.-Algeria Business Council, and the Congressional Algeria Caucus, was attended by a large number of guests, including Congressman Edward Royce, a member of the Algeria Caucus and Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and numerous Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle.

The list of guests attending the first-of-its-kind briefing held at the U.S. Congress to showcase Algeria's investment potentialities also included representatives from some fifteen major U.S. corporations.