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Greetings and Congratulations from Ambassador Madjid Bouguerra

Message of Congratulations from Ambassador Madjid Bouguerra to the Algerian Community in the United States on the occasion of Mawlid Al-Nabawi (Prophet Mohamed's birthday)

Dear Compatriots,

I seize the spiritual occasion of Mawlid Al-Nabawi, to extend to you and your loved ones, on behalf of the staff of the Algerian Embassy and in my own personal behalf, my sincere congratulations and warm wishes for a very joyful divine holiday. On this celebration day may God blessings and divine grace be with you.

As we honor the birth of our Prophet Mohamed (SAAW), I invite you to pray and to wish our beloved country a better, prosperous and safer future.

With my best regards

Ambassador Madjid Bouguerra