Lieutenant General Chanegriha receives AFRICOM commander

APS - 23 September 2020

ALGIERS-Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army (ANP) received Wednesday at the Army headquarters, Army General Stephen J. Townsend, Commander of AFRICOM, said the Ministry of National Defense in a statement.

In addition to the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defense and the commanders of the Forces and the National Gendarmerie, the meeting was attended by heads of departments and central directors of the Ministry of National Defense and the ANP staff, as well as members of the U.S. delegation, said the same source.

During this meeting, both parties held discussions that focused on "military cooperation between the two countries and exchanged analyses and views on issues of common interest."

"I hope that our meeting today will be fruitful and that it will bring new perspectives, knowing that my country and the United States of America have an important potential to strengthen their partnership through different mechanisms, based on transparency, openness and shared interests," said Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha.

"It is clear that thanks to a strong national mobilization, led by the People's National Army, Algeria has been able to defeat, in the long run, through a relentless fight, the terrorism it has faced since the 1990s and this at the cost of huge human and material sacrifices," he said.

"Today, the terrorist nuisance in my country has been reduced to its simplest expression and we are determined to continue the fight until its total eradication," he continued.

"Algeria was able to defeat terrorism alone and without any foreign aid whatsoever, thanks to the determination and self-sacrifice of its armed forces and close cooperation between the various security services, as well as the great convictions of its people," said the Chief of Staff of the ANP.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged symbolic gifts and Army General Stephen J. Townsend signed the guestbook of the ANP staff, the statement concluded.