algerian culture


Leatherwork is well established in Algerian regions where husbandry is done on a large scale. These arts and crafts are geared towards the production of footwear, belts, horse and camel saddles, containers, pillowcases, sword scabbards, and flywhisks.

* Leatherwork of Tlemcen
This craft owes a great deal to the local embroidery and sewing heritage. Greatly influenced by Andalusian culture it remains a stronghold of Hispano-Moorish art.

The leatherwork of Tlemcen is famous for its motifs and forms used in boots, saddles, satchels, wallets and other manual items used in everyday life.

* Leatherwork of the Deep South - Tamanrasset
In this region know-how is organic, mystical and a reflection of the vast surrounding spaces. Inspiration is always glimmering and the product is of very high quality.
Whether an Arreg (travel bag), El-sedira (saddlebag) or Tarallabt (wallet) perfection prevails.

* Leatherwork of M?d?a
Synonymous with expertise and refinement, M?d?a was once famous for its leather moccasins, harnesses, saddles and belts. Wallets, cigarette holders, and bags embroidered with gold and silver thread were eventually added.

Artisans are desperately trying to uphold traditions but trade modernization based on foreign models prevents them from returning to earlier designs.

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