Media coverage of Algeria's legislative elections of june 12, 2021

In preparation of the legislative elections of June 12, 2021, we inform foreign journalists wishing to travel to Algeria for the media coverage of this election, that the period for filing applications for accreditation will be from Sunday, April 25, 2021 to Friday, May 28, 2021 inclusive.

It should also be noted that applications for accreditation must include the following:
1- a "press" visa application form duly completed by the interested party;
The link to the form : (forms).
2- an information sheet from the Independent National Elections Authority (ANIE) for temporary accreditation; (forms)
3- a request from the journalist's employer;
4- a copy of the journalist's professional card
5- a copy of the journalist's passport
6- two (02) passport photos;
7- the list of audio-visual material.