The Embassy of Algerian in Washington, D.C. wishes to inform our Algerian nationals stranded in the United States of America, within its consular circumscription, who wish to travel to the homeland during the current pandemic COVID-19, that special repatriation flights are scheduled and provided by our national airline «Air Algérie» via Charles de Gaulle airport and that until February 28th 2021, for the following cases:

  • Those who are suffering from a serious illness or recently went through a surgical procedure;
  • Students stranded abroad (with or without scholarships);
  • Those who lost their job;
  • Children stranded abroad who are enrolled in Algerian schools;
  • Algerian citizens escorting a deceased (ascending, descending or collateral relative within a limit of 4);
  • Those who in a dire financial situation;
  • Algerians stranded in an airport transit zone of a foreign country;
  • Foreign spouses of Algerian citizens or spouses of foreigners residing in Algeria;
  • Exceptional situations such as a family death or serious illness of a family member in Algeria.
  • The persons concerned may submit their requests to the consular service through the email address: [email protected] (attaching copies of their passports and supporting documents).

    Upon approval of your request, a representative of «Air Algérie» based in Montreal, Canada, will call or email you to assist with your reservation and purchase of your ticket. You may also book and purchase your airline ticket through the following company:

    SATGURU Travel & Tourism LLC.
    1050 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 500
    Washington, D.C. 20036

    Mobile: +1 (202) 227-0359
    Email: [email protected]

    All travelers must provide a RT-PCR NEGATIVE test 72 hours prior to arrival in Algeria.

    For further detailed information, please contact the Consular Section at +1(202) 265-2800 Ext. 164 or 128.