Public Announcement 

Announcement relating to the national skills abroad

The Embassy of Algeria in the United States of America is pleased to inform that, within the implementation of the Algerian Government Action Plan’s framework, the Secretary of State in charge of the National Community Abroad is currently establishing a web platform dedicated to the promotion and mobilization of our skilled community abroad, to enable it to participate to the effort of socio-economic development of our country.

This platform, which will be operational soon, will represent an official instrument for the direct connection of national skills with Algerian institutions and bodies. The purpose of this initiative is to allow a real transfer of knowledge and expertise through a fruitful partnership focused on: the launch of structuring and innovative projects (project's stock Exchange) and the needs and offers of expertise (expertise' s stock Exchange).

• Regarding the project's stock Exchange:
The institutions and organizations will be able to introduce projects likely to interest our skilled community abroad which will have, for its part, the opportunity to present its personal projects that might interest our institutions and organizations or any other Algerian’s skilled person, in order to establish partnerships.

• Concerning the expertise' s stock Exchange:
National organizations registered on the platform will also have the opportunity to submit requests for expertise (ad-hoc mission) as part of their current activities or for new projects. The members of the National Community registered on the platform will be able to consult this stock Exchange and, react to the offers that might interest them.

It should be noted that all of the national skills present inside and outside the country, including, in the United States of America, are invited to participate actively in the success of this new instrument dedicated to the promotion of potentials and energies of Algerians.

The particularly sensitive situation on the health, economic and social levels that we are, currently, facing calls us in more than one way on the need to mobilize the efforts of Algerians around this ambitious initiative, by making use of their scientific and professional skills at the service of national development.

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