Important notice concerning the Adjustment of Visa fees for U.S. Citizens 04/13/2012

In accordance with a notice by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Algerian Embassy in Washington D.C announces that it will, as of April 13, 2012, adjust visa fees for U.S. citizens on reciprocal basis as follows:

1. Processing fees for business, tourist, family, press and transit visa will be increased to 160.00 US $;

2. Processing fees for working, temporary working and cultural visa will be increased to 190.00 US$;

3. The adjustment does not apply to visa applications made on or before April 13, 2012.

Please note that fees for visa applications must be paid by money-order delivered exclusively by the U.S. Post Office and made out, accordingly, to either the Embassy of Algeria or the Consulate General of Algeria in New York.

Important Notice

All applicants for Algerian visa residing within our constituency, which includes the following states "Washington. DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia" have to submit their visa applications by walk in or by mail to THE EMBASSY OF ALGERIA IN WASHINGTON - DC.

All other applicants must submit their file to The Consulate General of Algeria in New York that may be contacted at the following address and telephone and fax numbers:

15 East 47 Street (Between Madison and 5th Av)
New York, NY 10017

Telephone: (212) 486-6930
(212) 486-6931
(212) 486-6932
Fax: (212) 486-6934

Applications for diplomatic and service visas will continue to be exclusively processed by the Office of Consular Affairs of the Embassy of Algeria in Washington.