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HCA, APS co-publish magazine on dimension of Yennayer

APS - 09 January 2018

ALGIERS-On the occasion of the celebration of Yennayer, the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) and Algeria Press Service agency (APS) have co-published a magazine in two versions (digital and paper) on the multiple dimensions of this event based on a research conducted by teacher and writer Djamel Laceb.

Entitled "Yennayer, legacy of humanity," the magazine explains the historical, cultural and anthropological dimensions of Yennayer. It is due to be published online before 12 January, HCA Secretary General El-Hachemi Assad told APS.

Written in three languages (Arabic, Amazigh and French) and made up of nearly 80 pages, the paper version of the magazine will be distributed in "large quantities" on 13 January, on at El Moudjahid daily forum dovoted to "The historical dimension of Yennayer."

In addition to the dimension of Yennayer, the magazine will focus on various forms of the celebrations of this event countrywide with demonstrative illustrations, stressed Assad. The project "is part of strengthening cooperation between HCA and APS," affirmed El-Hachemi. Read more...