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The Battle of Algiers to be screened in Montreal Friday

APS - 15 February 2018

MONTREAL (Canada)- The feature film "La Bataille d'Alger" (The Battle of Algiers) by Gillo Pontecorvo will be screened in Montreal, Canada, on Friday.

The Canadian Maison Norman Bethune, as part of its activities entitled films-debates, will show the 121-minute movie, which sheds light on the French colonizer's suppression against the National Liberation Front (FLN) and highlights the heroism of the inhabitants of Algiers' Kasbah.

The Battle of Algiers, an Algerian-Italian co-production, won several awards, including the Golden Lion for best movie at the Venice Festival in 1966 and was nominated twice for the Oscars in 1967 and 1969. The Film-debates event is devoted to the screening of influential political films, which have significantly contributed to enriching the political debate.

The event's organizer also intends to hold, soon, a conference entitled "History of Algerian War: Guerrilla against colonial France."