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Women Andalusian Ensemble gives concert in Algiers

APS - 28 June 2016

ALGIERS - The National Women Andalusian Music Ensemble gave a concert Monday night at the Mahieddine-Bachtarzi National Theatre (TNA Algiers) under the art program for the month of Ramadan.

The 24 woman music ensemble was created 2015.

They master wide range of Algerian classical music from Algiers, Tlemcen and Constantine, and also the Andalusian repertoire through its three variants: Gharnati, Malouf and Sanaa.

Led by artist Naguib Kateb, the female orchestra brilliantly revisited, in chorus or in solo famous songs of the Andalusian musical heritage.

The first part of the concert was devoted to Algiers repertoire "Sanaa", before moving, in the second part, to the other variants, as well as the religious song "Madih," whose lyrics is taken from Sufi poetry.

National Women Andalusian Music Ensemble is part of the National Andalusian Music Ensemble, which brings together the three regional orchestras of Andalusian music (Algiers, Constantine and Tlemcen).