13th FIBDA: Algerian, foreign cartoonists exhibit in Algiers

APS - 26 December 2021

ALGIERS- A collective exhibition featuring the works of Algerian and foreign cartoonists is held at Riad El-Feth Office as part of the 13th International Comic Strip Festival (FIBDA).

Algerian and foreign cartoonists are participating in this exhibition which comprises about thirty works shedding light on historical facts, periods of life and famous fictional superheroes.

This event is marked by the participation of Algerian cartoonist Boudjella Mohamed, Japanese Miki Mamamoto, American Elitha Martinaz and Ivorian Aimé Serge.

Cartoonists from several other countries, including Tunisia which is this edition's guest of honor, are taking part in this 13th FIBDA, to be held until Sunday evening at Riad El-Feth Office.