Horror novel "Fayla," by Abdelmoaiz Farhi published

APS - 16 April 2021

ALGIERS-In his second novel entitled "Fayla," the young author Abdelmoaiz Farhi explores the universe of the novel of horror, an unusual genre in Algerian literature, witnessing a fertile and promising imagination.

Recently published by Casbah, "Fayla" tells the story of several high school students suffering from unbearable stress during the preparation of the baccalaureate and who witness supernatural and violent phenomena, that they are the only ones to see, the work of a creature who returns from beyond the grave to take revenge on the descendants of those who have done him harm.

The author sets the scene of his novel through very short portraits of the different characters, high school students enjoying the last week of summer vacation and preparing to go back to school to get his ticket to college or improve his average from last year.

During these preparations, some teenagers witness supernatural phenomena and unbearably violent assaults that have in common the name "Fayla" that is heard or read each time.

The characters of this novel are all in Constantine, in the same class of private lessons of the professor Lyamine who is also witness, with his wife, of strange events.

This story goes back in time to tell the story of Fayla, a young woman who left a violent and openly unfaithful husband, abandoning her child, to rebuild her life in the family home after her father's disappearance.