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Bouchouareb pleads for 25% integration rate in mechanical industry

APS - 17 April 2017

CHLEF-Minister of Industry and Mines Abdessalem Bouchouareb called on Monday in Chlef investors in the mechanical industry to achieve a 25% integration rate.

While inspecting an agricultural and public works machinery manufacturing plant in Chlef, the minister said that the mechanical industry in Algeria was recent, calling on operators in this field to work to achieve a 22% to 25% integration rate in a first step.

In this regard, he highlighted the support provided by the government and the Ministry of Industry and Mines to all project generating an added value in the fields of mechanical assembly and manufacturing whose integration rate is currently between 5 and 10%.

The Algerian government targets a 40% integration rate after 5 years from the plant commissioning, stated Bouchouareb, hailing the achievements made after 2 years of the launch of this project, he affirmed.

In a response to a question on the revision of the specifications on cars assembly, the Minister of Industry and Mines said that clarifications had been made regarding some points and articles on integration rate after each year of the project commissioning, and exportation of spare parts to international markets.�