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Ould Kaddour: Algeria to maintain level of oil, gas exports while ensuring national supply

APS - 27 April 2017

PARIS- The Chief Executive Officer of Sonatrach Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour said Thursday, in Paris, that Algeria will maintain its level of oil and gas exports, while ensuring the security of the supply of the domestic market.

“We will continue to ensure the security of the supply of our domestic market. We will try to maintain, and eventually increase the level of oil and gas exports,” said the CEO in his speech at the 18th International Oil Summit, after having broached the challenges and opportunities of the hydrocarbons industry in Algeria.

He told the participants in this summit, made up of ministers, heads of companies operating in the sector of oil and gas as well as international experts, that Algeria’s ambition is to become an “attractive place” for the international oil industry.

�“I have a clear vision of the future of energy in my country and the role my company could play in the future,” said Ould Kaddour.

He said, in this regard, that Sonatrach aims at diversifying its activities and invest more in renewable energy sources, particularly in solar energy, which Algeria enjoys in abundance.