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Port of Oran: Significant increase in export operations in 2016

APS - 15 February 2017

ORAN-Services of Customs' divisional inspection at the port of Oran reported a significant increase in export operations in 2016 compared with last year. �

Over 2,400 export operations took in place in the port of Oran in 2016 against 900 similar operations declared last year.

These exports amounted more than DZD 4 billion against DZD 1.2 billion in 2015. Exported products are mainly made up of oil, plasterboards, pasta, leather and frozen fish.

"The measures taken by port stakeholders, like customs services that carried out several actions to bring operators closer and boost exports, led to a hike in the export activity supervised by the port of Oran," Chief of the divisional inspection at the port of Oran Hammou Sayad told APS. �

The measures taken in 2016 include the processing of export operations in non-port areas and under customs supervision in order to ensure the fluidity of operations at the port, at the time of loading and transit of goods.

"Other measures were adopted like the packing of goods on site and information and consultation actions for the benefit of operators with a view to better understanding their concerns and meeting their needs," he added.

The export operations via the port of Oran also encompass 700 declarations to other offices like those of Tlemcen and Relizane. "They are completed under several mechanisms that aim to support export of national products," he recalled.

Besides, the 18,966 import operations took place at the port of Oran against 20,033 operations in 2015. The amount of imported goods hit DZD 405 billion in 2016 against more than DZD 429 billion in 2015. �