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President Bouteflika calls to modernize irrigation, organize agricultural economy

APS - 23 April 2018

ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday called for widespread use of modern techniques in agricultural irrigation and a better organization of the agricultural economy. "Agricultural economy suffers weak structuring that exposes this key activity to speculation," stressed the Head of State in a message read on his behalf by Justice Minister Tayeb Louh during the national Conference on agriculture.

Therefore, "players in the sector are urged to attach further interest to their executives, notably chambers and professional associations, in order to preserve their interests and allow our society benefit from famers' efforts and the fruits of their labor," said the President.

As for irrigation, the Head of State deplored the fact that agriculture was largely dependent on rainfall despite the construction of many dams.

In this connection, he recommended a widespread use of modern irrigation and water economy techniques.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Local Development and Fishing announced that irrigated areas would increase to 2 million hectares nationwide by 2018 against 1.3 million currently.

Algeria has 80 operational dams including 4 delivered in 2017 while 5 others are being built and will be delivered by 2021 to heighten capacities to 9 billion m³.

According to the Water Resources Ministry, a programme of one million additional hectares of irrigated agricultural land will be implemented.