Economics Affairs

Problem of industrial land will no longer hinder investment

APS - 17 April 2017

CHLEF (Algeria)- Industry and Mining Minister� Abdessalem Bouchouareb declared Monday in Chlef (206 kmwest of Algiers) that the problem of the industrial land will no longer be an obstacle to investment.

"The problem of the industrial land will no longer constitute an obstacle to investment, thanks to the instructions given to the provinces governors and to the governmental strategy aiming the creation of industrial activities zones with the use of all the available lands," added Bouchouareb, during a visit to the Industrial Park of Oued Sly.

While inspecting the Industrial Park of Boukadir, the minister underlined the need for speeding up processes of surveys and construction of two industrial� parks, spanning 310 ha (Oued Sly and Boukadir), considering that this surface was insufficient for Chlef which has a strategic position.

The minister also welcomed the building of ten business parks over an area of 126 ha.�

Recently, a new zone of activities specializing in aquaculture has been created in the commune of Sidi Abderrahmane.�

While visiting the site of the new site of Chlef section of the Industrial Group of Cement of Algeria, Bouchouareb asked the officials to speed up the works for its commissioning on 1 October 2017.

This plant will raise the cement production from 2 to 4 million tonnes of cement.