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Sellal promises new measures for young entrepreneurs

APS - 19 March 2017

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said Sunday, in Algiers, that mew measures will be taken for young entrepreneurs who want to invest in production activities.

“We will take new measures for youth who want to invest in production activities that cover the needs of the domestic market,” said Sellal in front of young entrepreneurs that gathered on the occasion of the first national conference on micro-enterprises.

“We must head in the right direction: produce everything that is imported here in Algeria. The government’s will is to direct future micro-enterprises towards production to cover our needs,” said the Prime Minister.

In order to encourage young entrepreneurs, Sellal also announced the rescheduling of the repayment of loans taken out by these firms to solve their issues in terms of liquid assets.

“We will not give you money, we will only help you earn money,” said Sellal.