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"Talents and Employment" Fair: 1,000 jobs to be proposed

APS - 16 February 2017

ALGIERS � Nearly 1,000 jobs will be proposed by 50 companies during the 16th edition of "Talents and Employment" Fair which opened Thursday Moufdi Zakaria Culture Centre of Algiers.

The three-day event constitutes "a space of meeting for job seekers and the different public and private companies looking for employees," Rafik Chala, official at "Ev�nement emploi", the organizer body of the Fair, told APS.

The objective of this event, which expects 16,000 visitors, is to help "1,000 job seekers to job a job."

Dozens of young people with their curriculum vitae (CVs) started flocking into the various stands of the Fair.

For Chala, the Fair is meant to be "a space for companies of distribution, banks, services and production to look for managers and employees."

He said that the Fair is destined to all the categories of job seekers; namely students, young graduates, both senior and junior employees and even managing directors.