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Training sector geared towards new ICT specialties to adapt to digital economy

APS - 14 February 2017

ALGIERS- Minister of Training and Vocational Education Mohamed Mebarki said Monday in the new real estate of Sidi Abdellah (Algiers) the sector was geared towards the creation of new training specialties in the ICT field so to adapt to the digital economy.

Speaking on the sidelines of a working visit to Tipaza and Algiers, the minister said that the "new government policy aims to open new vocational training specialties in ICT so to provide qualified labour which would be able to contribute the development of the country�s digital economy."

"The digital revolution must be integrated into all the economic sectors," the minister said, adding that this new revolution will lead to "the disappearance of old trades and the emergence of new trades, hence the need to prepare for it through training."

The sector is oriented towards "jobs related to ICTs and digital technology," said Mebarki, indicating that his ministry is beginning to open new specialties at the level of the various institutes in the country.

According to the minister, this approach aims to provide the human resource with specialized and strategic training of excellence through the signing of partnership agreements with public, private and foreign companies.