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Agriculture: Actions to reinvigorate investment projects for youth

APS - 12 May 2019

ALGIERS – Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing Cherif Omari chaired on Sunday a coordination meeting intended to reinvigorate investment in the field of Agriculture, Fishing and Forests for young people, said the ministry in a communiqué.

Representatives from the Ministries of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Social Solidarity and Water Resource, executives of BADR bank, senior officials of Agriculture ministry and Halieutic Resources management, head of General Directorate of Forests, CEOs of the agricultural groups (Givapro, Agrolog..) and General Manager of Bneder. Agriculture Minister Omari said this first working meeting will be followed by further meetings, with a view to drafting a sector-based road map to reinvigorate investment projects for youth, nobly in the rural areas and the South of the country.

In this regard, he called for creating the conditions which would help youth succeeding in investment projects like training, technical assistance and funding through youth support systems designed by banks, Angem and CNAC. Measures will be taken in coordination with all the sectors for better support to young investors, including those residing abroad, said the minister.

Besides the employment support systems, Omari mentioned the recovery of non-exploited farmlands to grant them to young graduates. Priority will be given to some activities, like the promotion of forest products and sub-products, aquaculture and the production of new agricultural products, he said.

The minister reminded that the sector’s new vision is to protect the resource by promoting forests which offers several investment opportunities (the exploitation of medicinal and aromatic plants, cork ...). These projects aim to create opportunities for young people to create businesses and jobs and to strengthen the country's food security.