Economics Affairs

Prime Minister inaugurates 51st International Fair of Algiers

APS - 08 May 2018

ALGIERS- The 51st International Fair of Algiers (FIA), placed under the theme of "Trade in the service of the National Production," has been inaugurated on Tuesday by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia at the Exhibition Centre. The inauguration was attended by several members of the Government, senior officials and diplomats. Stopping by the central pavilion where dozens Algerian public and private companies exhibit their products, Ouyahia called on the Algerian national economic operators to double effort so to accessing markets outside the country. In this regard, the Premier affirmed that the State is keen to provide support so that the made-in-Algeria products are sold abroad. The Trade Fair's 51st edition, which runs from 8 to 13 May, sees the participation of 704 national and foreign economic operators. China, Algeria’s first economic and commercial partner is this edition’s guest of honour with 58 companies. Nearly 60 Chinese companies operating in the sectors of industry, electronics and electricity, telecommunications, construction, car industry and hydrocarbons have been devoted a 1,500-m2 space. Thus, China records the strongest foreign participation in the 51st of FIA, followed by Turkey.

350 Algerian companies and 63 joint ventures, fruit of partnerships with foreign operators are taking part in the Trade Fair 2018. Those companies are activating in many sectors, namely food-processing (52 companies), energy industry, chemistry and petro-chemistry (60 companies), electronic and electrics (29 companies), the manufacturing industries (31 companies), mechanical industry, steel and metal industry (30 companies), services (49 companies) and building and public works (99 companies).

A total of 296 foreign exhibitors from 25 countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe took the official pavilion of the 3,829 square-meter FIA’s surface. The fair trade also sees the participation of 20 foreign firms, from the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.