Algeria-Us Bilateral Economic Relations

  • Additionally to the excellent relations that bind Algeria and the United Sates, American companies operating in the hydrocarbons sector have enjoyed over many decades a lucrative partnership with Algerian counterparts, underscoring Algeria's reliability as a partner and highlighting the real potential of success it is affording the U.S. business community.
  • While the recent oil price slump certainly impacted the volume of trade between the two countries (5,248 billion in 2015 while it was 20.598 billion in 2008), the potential for diversification and exploration of new avenues for expansion of the partnership verifiably exists, nonetheless.
  • In that respect, economic operators from both countries have worked hard in support of the Algerian-American partnership. Diversification of cooperation between the two countries is a reality having shifted from the hydrocarbon sector to expand the range of its promising opportunities and moving into other areas of interest, including agriculture, dairy cattle, pharmaceutical production, energy equipment, agricultural and public works machineries, and services.
  • Today 190 American companies of different sizes are operating in Algeria. The 2014 edition of Algiers International Fair, where the US were the Guest of Honor, saw the participation of a record of 81 companies, after the original show opened in 1964.
  • The Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), concluded between the two countries in 2001, has opened new horizons for dialogue and discussions to further enhance their cooperation and open it to all the domains interresting their economic operators.
  • Algeria and the United States signed in Algiers on October 19th, 2015 the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
  • "Algeria Vision 2020" is an important project of partnership between the two countries in the field of biotechnologies that would cover Algeria needs in medicines and aims to innovate in the area of pharmaceutical products.
  • Algerian agriculture producers are now customary participants to Miami agricultural fair, where the country gas been in 2015 the Guest of Honor.
  • The United States-Algeria Business Council is another practical tool intended to help the business communities of the two countries meet directly and decide on ways and means to explore and implement mutually beneficial projects.
  • Since 2014, the Embassy and the USABC have held the "Algeria Road Show in America". That annual event brings together Algerian and US economic operators interested in developing projects and partnerships.
  • Evolution of bilateral trade between Algeria and the US in of dollars (2010-2017)







    1 061.0

    3 808.0





    3 228.8

    5 465.9



    3 230.9

    1 717.7

    4 948.6

    1 513.2


    4 628.9

    2 614.0

    7 245.9

    2 011.9


    4 830.9

    1 848.7

    6 679.6

    2 982.2


    9 993.3

    1 363.2

    11 356.5

    8 630.2


    14 609.3

    1 597.0

    16 202.3

    13 012.3

    NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis.( source US census Bureau)