Public transportation

  • Metro: The commissioning of Algiers 1st metro line in 2011, thus contributing to qualitatively and quantitatively improve urban transport in metropolitain Algiers.In the perspective of extending Algiers metro, three projects are in progress and three others are under study, to achieve 50 additional kilometers.
  • Tramway: As part of the investment program initiated by the Government to modernize urban transport in many provinces and cities, four tramways have been achieved among a total of 15 ongoing projects.
    The cities where tramway is functional in the following provinces Algiers (since 2011), Constantine and Oran (since 2013) and Sidi-Bel Abbes (in 2017).
    Four extensions of the Oran tramway are on the agenda. Tramway works are in progress in: Sétif, Ouargla and Mostagenem, while the development of tram is under study in eight other provinces: Bejaia, Biskra, Bechar, Blida, Tebessa, Tlemcen, Djelfa and Skikda.
  • Cable car: As part of the investment plan initiated by the Government, to modernize urban transport, Algiers cable cars have been renovated and upgrated.
    Today, Algiers counts four functional cable cars. In many other cities the Government has, invested in renovating cable cars. The renovation projects have been achieved in Blida (2016), Tlemcen (2009), Alger (2014), Skikda (2009), Annaba (2008), Constantine (2008), Oran (2013).
    Other projects are still in progress in Algiers and Tizi-Ouzou, while studies are conducted Jijel, Sidi Bel Abbes, Medea, Taref, Souk Ahras and Oran, to develop new cable cars.