Modern Transportation Infrastructure

Railroad transportation

Algeria’s rail network is one of the most important in the African and the Arab world in terms of density and length with 175 stations and 250 stop stations.

In the global efforts of further developing the transportation network in Algeria, the Government is undertaking important projects aiming not only to extend the length of the rail network from 3919 km in 2014 to 12500 km by 2025, but also to improve the existing network particularly modernizing the railway infrastructure and the rolling stock.

As a key player in developing Algeria’s transportation network, the National Company for Rail Transport (SNTF) modernized its fleet by acquiring 17 railcars for main lines, 20 electric train, 30 sleeping cars for the main lines, 50 locomotives and the rehabilitation of 380 railway wagons that transport phosphate. The developing of Algeria’s railway network will enable, amongst others, traveling at high speed (160 km/h -220 km/h).

In 2016, the Government intended to invest $87 billion developing a 1300 km high-speed train line that will cross the country from East to West, connecting major ports and cities.