Mining sector


Algeria’s great mining potential is insufficiently exploited, both to satisfy the national needs in mineral substances and to participate in the diversification of exports.

Algeria has a huge mining sector that’s rich and attractive but not yet ambitiously explored. There is a need to explore it more, either directly by Sonatrach or in partnership with foreign companies.

Outside hydrocarbons, the valuation of Algeria’s mineral resources, will make it possible to substitute in the short term the equivalent of $ 500 million in mineral substances thanks to the openings of new exploitations (phosphate deposit of Bled El Hadba, manganese of Guetara, baryte in Draïssa, bentonite in Tlemcen ...) and plans for the development of existing entreprises with the rehabilitation and reopening of numerous mines (Chabet El-Hamra zinc, Ain Barbar feldspar in Annaba and Ichmloul barite in Batna, the marble deposits).

In the medium to long term, the exploitation and upgrading of the Gara Djebilet deposit will offer a substitution potential equivalent to $ 1 billion for meeting the domestic needs of steel mills.
As such, the pre-feasibility study that has been launched following the conclusive tests of the laboratory phase will define the best option for a realization that could be committed as early as 2020.

  • key Factors of success:
  • – Underexplored mining area with attractive potential (more than 60% of 1.6 million km3 mining area is unexplored)
    – Important conventional reserves and unconventional resources (3rd world position in shale gas).
    – Many decades of experience in vertically integrated oil and gas Activities.
    – Proximity to important markets.
    – Considerable and qualified human potential (1.5 million students in more than 150 academic institutions).