Over 40 national, foreign companies at 5th REVADE

APS - 11 October 2021

ALGIERS- More than 40 national and foreign companies operating in the circular economy participated Monday, in Algiers, in the 5th International Show of Waste Recovery and Recycling "REVADE," organized this year under the theme "Circular economy: a step towards sustainable development."

According to the Algerian Chamber of Trade and Industry (CACI), this event aims to encourage young people to embark on entrepreneurship in the field of recycling, by benefitting from the experiences of companies that have proven successful in this fields, like "Green Sky" which has development developed, in 10 years, a new technique for the treatment of hazardous and toxic waste, with the creation of the first incinerator to get rid of medical waste by resorting to Algerian experts.

Specialized in the recycling and reuse of used industrial oil, the company "Sam Industry" has launched into the exportation of its products.

Several ecological companies took part in this Show, like the National Association for the Promotion of the Environmental Culture and Renewable Energy and the association of women entrepreneurs who work for the training of women in all fields related to the protection of the environment.