Peace in Libya: Boukadoum calls on AU PSC to combine efforts with UN

APS - 16 May 2021

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum on Tuesday called on African Union's Peace and Security Council to combine efforts with the United Nations Organization to help the Libyan interim government to materialize the priorities included in the action plan, notably holding inclusive elections on December 24th.

"As the AU's permanent decision-making body in charge of the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts, our Council is called upon to contribute to the ongoing efforts aimed at consolidating the achievements and maintaining the positive momentum," Boukadoum said in an address at the opening of the PSC ministerial meeting on Libya.

"... We must unite our efforts with the United Nations to better assist the Libyan Government of National Unity in achieving the key priorities of its action plan "in the various fields, namely: political, security and socio-economic," he said.

At the political level, Boukadoum said that the holding of inclusive elections on December 24 remains the main objective, inviting, as such, the pan-African organization to align its efforts with this common objective and to contribute to ensure the success of this process as well as national reconciliation and the reunification of Libyan institutions.

Concerning the security matter, "the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, signed on October 23, 2020, including the withdrawal of foreign fighters and mercenaries, the application of the arms embargo (imposed by) the UN Security Council, and the effective deployment of the ceasefire monitoring mechanism (led by the Libyans), is essential if we want to preserve sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Libya," insisted the top Algerian diplomat.

Regarding the socio-economic field, Boukadoum said that "without the recovery of the economy, the satisfaction of basic needs and the resolution of the humanitarian situation, peace cannot be lasting."

Therefore, he added, the Libyan government deserves larger support in its efforts to improve the lives of Libyans, deal with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and protect refugees and migrants.