The Constitution in Berber version published

APS - 18 April 2021

ALGIERS- The High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) has published the Berber (Tamazight) version of the Algerian Constitution transcribed in the two usual spellings (Tifinagh and Latin) alongside the original text in Arabic.

The Berber (Tamazight) version of the Constitution was made following an educational grouping, in the form of a workshop, organized in Bouira under the direction and supervision of a group of translators, acadamics and authors, composed of Boukhenoufa Tahar, Zidane Yacine, Abdenebi Ramdane, Laceb Djamel, Chikhi Mokrane and Aziri Boudjemaa.

The HCA has thus advocated a collegial approach to consultation with an academic and pedagogical objective based on a terminological reference in the legal field.