President Tebboune: Elections, final solution for crisis in Libya

APS - 13 October 2021

ALGIERS-President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the elections would be a final solution for the crisis in Libya.

"Algeria affirmed at the Berlin Conference and even before that the final solution for Libya was the holding of elections," said the Head of state in the interview he granted Sunday evening to media, stressing that this approach "has subsequently become a demand for the United Nations."

He said that the leaders in Libya "were selected on this principle and had agreed to hold elections, but time is running out and there are only three months left.

"Some parties want to implicitly hinder this process, especially since the parties sowing discor," he said, calling "the major powers to intervene transparently on this issue."

After recalling the change in the date of elections in Libya and the holding of legislative elections next January and not in parallel with the presidential elections as initially planned, President Tebboune said: "This is not serious. If the Libyans need help, we are there."

"We proposed to our Libyan brothers, who came to Algeria and recognized the difficulties they are going through due to threats from parties seeking to impede the process, that it was not necessary to hold elections in Libya on the same day," said the Head of state.

These elections, continued President Tebboune, can be organized by region and this operation could last two months.

"The most important thing is that there is a real popular will and no one could challenge the authority of those elected," he stressed.

Reiterating Algeria's call for the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya, the Head of state said that all participants in the Berlin Conference, including the five members of the UN Security Council, had been unanimous on this issue.