28th Arab Summit: Call to pump $500 million into Al-Aqsa, Al Quds funds

APS - 29 March 2017

DEAD SEA (Jordan)- The Arab Foreign Affairs Ministers called, in their recommendations submitted to Arab leaders gathered Wednesday, as part of the 28th Summit at the Dead Sea (Jordan), to pump more than 500 million dollars into the funds of “Al Aqsa and Al Quds,” and to support the budget of the Palestinian State for a period of one year starting from 1st April.

Algeria has already paid its contribution to the budget of the Palestinian Authority, an amount of 26 million dollars for the first instalment of 2017 in conformity with the decisions of the Arab League and the mechanisms approved by the Beirut Summit in 2002 on the support to the budget of the Palestinian State. Since then, the contributions of Arab countries to the two funds are renewed every year in Summits.

The ministerial decision promulgated Monday, as part of the preparatory meeting for the Summit underlined “the need for Arab countries to pay their contributions aimed at supporting the budget of the Palestinian State, in conformity with the decisions of Arab Summits since the Beirut one in 2002 until that of Nouakchott in 2016.”

The Arab ministers thanked the Arab States that honoured their commitments relating to the support of the Palestinian State budget particularly Algeria, calling for the other countries members of the League to pay their contributions as soon as possible.