66% of Algerians satisfied with Government's action, says Princeton University

APS - 10 January 2021

ALGIERS-66% of Algerians are "satisfied" with the action of the Government, said a survey conducted by the United States (US) Princeton University with a representative sample of 1000 people.

Conducted for the first time by telephone by Professor Abdulwahab Kayyali between the summer of 2020 and the winter of 2021, the survey focused on the opinion Algerians have of their leaders.

The survey, which focused on Algerians' appreciation of their government, yielded results that "largely comfort the executive."

In detail, the survey of the American University of Princeton reports that the same proportion, 66% of Algerians, is also satisfied with the management of the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) by the authorities of the country.

More than 50% believe in the figures on the national epidemiological situation communicated daily by the Scientific Committee monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic under the Ministry of Health, suggests the survey.

Algerians' confidence in the Government's action also includes the fight against corruption.

According to the survey, whose results were released by the French-speaking daily l'Expression, "the overwhelming majority of Algerians believe that corruption is widespread in the machinery of state and have a positive opinion about the Government's anticorruption efforts."

Besides, 74% of respondents say that their civil rights are guaranteed while 69% find that the media are free to regularly criticize the Government's actions, without any noticeable consequences, and 49% of respondents consider the economic situation of the country as "positive."

Algerians do not seem to pay attention to pessimistic speeches, especially those that abound on social networks, according to the survey.