Al Guerguerat: Polisario Front denies Morocco's false allegations

APS - 03 April 2018

NEW YORK-The Polisario Front on Monday denied Morocco's allegations on the presence of Sahrawi armed units in the buffer strip of Al Guerguerat, and dubbed the verbal escalation by Rabat "a dangerous step" meant to undermine the efforts made by the United Nations to revive the peace process.

In a letter sent Monday to President of the Security Council, Peruvian Gustavo Meza-Cuarda, whose country assumes the presidency of the SC in April, the Polisario Front "has categorically denied the totally unfounded allegations by the representative of Morocco in the UN on the terms of the UN ceasefire and the related military agreement number 1 as well as the situation on the ground in the territory."

The Polisario Representative in the UN Ahmed Boukhari said that the Minurso, tasked with monitoring the ceasefire and the implementation of the military agreement number 1, did not report a violation of the ceasefire terms by the Sahrawi party and wondered about "the hidden motivation" of the Morocco behind these allegations.

Despite "repetitive postponements" of the self-determination referendum for which the Minurso was created, the Polisario remains "determinedly committed to defending peace as a strategic political option." In 2016, Morocco attempted to change the status quo in Al Guergarat by building a road crossing the military wall and the buffer strip of Al Guergarat, recalled Boukhari.

"Morocco's aggressive rhetoric" to present itself as a victim comes in a time the Security Council is about to examine the situation in Western Sahara, stated Boukhari. Furthermore, Morocco is searching excuses to disengage from the UN peace process," he affirmed.