Algerian-American Talks: Substantial and Constructive

APS - 18 May 2017

WASHINGTON - Minister of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ramtane Lamamra declared on Wednesday in Washington that he had "constructive and substantial" discussions with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"Our discussions were constructive and substantial," Mr. Lamamra told APS after his meeting at the State Department with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Mr. Lamamra said he had conveyed to the Secretary of State the greetings addressed by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to President Donald Trump along with his best wishes for full success to the new Administration.

Mr. Lamamra added that his meeting enabled the two sides to assess the Algerian-American partnership in the political, diplomatic and economic areas.

"We have taken a broad overview of the regional and international crises on which the two countries have expressed themselves and taken positions on," he indicated.

Mr. Lamamra indicated as well that his meeting with Mr. Tillerson was also an opportunity for him "to reiterate Algeria's position on the need for a peaceful solution in accordance with international law with regards to Western Sahara, Libya, Mali, or Syria."

Discussions at the State Department have also included "Algeria's experience as net exporter of stability in the region, its role in Mali and in the Sahel-Saharan space, as well as the persevering efforts it has been deploying toward the resolution of the Libyan crisis," he added. "We have also talked about the whole African Continent, the situation prevailing in the Arab World, and about the need to restart the peace process in the Middle East," he indicated further.

The Minister of State also said that his discussions with Mr. Tillerson have also included a review of Algerian-American cooperation in the economic area.

"We have been aware that at the state level we have a range of legal instruments that has been developing and opening new prospects for our relations," Mr. Lamamra said as he noted the continued development of cooperation between the two countries in the energy, agro-industry, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Mr. Lamamra added that the two sides have "agreed on the principle to continue to work together in order to prepare the convening of the fourth session of the strategic dialogue."

The meeting was also attended, on the Algerian side, by the Ambassador of Algeria in Washington, Mr. Madjid Bouguerra, and the Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations, Mr. Sabri Boukadoum and, on the American side, by Ms. Margaret Peterline, the State Department's Chief of Staff, and Mr. Stuart Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs.