Arab League needs comprehensive, deep reform

APS - 27 March 2017

DEAD SEA (JORDAN)- Arab League needs a comprehensive and deep reform, said Sunday in the Dead Sea, Jordan, Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.

In reply to a question by APS journalist following the coordination meeting, Messahel said that Algeria has proposed a comprehensive and deep reform, recalling a report named after the former foreign minister, Lakhdar Brahimi, submitted few years ago to that end.

"However, given the current situation in the Arab world (conflicts and terrorism), we have reported the situation facing the Arab world but we do not have means to resolve these conflicts," said Messahel.

Such situation is mainly due to the paralysis of the League's system and the obsolete methods, which must be reconsidered. That's exactly what Algeria is proposing," said Messahel, adding that "we want deep reform of the Arab League."

A working group was set up during the 147th session of Arab Foreign Ministers' Council to address this issue (reform), said Messahel.

A meeting of permanent representatives of member states will be held soon on this issue, he announced, adding that "the outcome of this meeting will be submitted to the next session of Arab ministers' council."

Abdelkader Messahel is representing Algeria at the ministerial preparatory meeting for the Arab Summit, which is due to be held on Wednesday in Jordan.