Head of High Islamic Council urges youth to vote massively

APS - 23 April 2017

ALGIERS � Head of the High Islamic Council Bouabdallah Ghlamallah urged Saturday in Algiers youth to "vote massively" during the legislative elections of May 4th.

Ghlamallah, speaking during a conference on the promotion of citizenship and democratic practice, said that the legislative elections "constitute a crucial turning point in Algeria’s history and youth are urged to largely vote to safeguard Algeria’s security and stability."

In this regard, he recalled the "significant" role of young people who spared no efforts to prevent the "Arab spring" from happening in the country.

As for him, the Imam of Great Mosque Ali Aya called on the Algerians for massively vote in the legislative elections, which would be an "overwhelming" response to those "who sow despair." �

"The current situation dictates that priority should be given to the national interest," he said noting that the "participation to the elections in a national duty and the demonstration of love to the country."

Furthermore, the president of the Algerian Association for the promotion of citizenship and human rights, Hachimi Koussa said that "Algeria is targeted for its strategic position and wealth,” adding that the "next elections are a historical turning point."