Illiteracy rate in Algeria down to 10%

APS - 05 February 2018

BOUIRA- The overall illiteracy rate in Algeria has significantly dropped over the past years to hit 10% in 2017, while it was 42% before 2006, said Monday in Bouira the head of the Algerian literacy association "Iqraa," Aicha Mebarki.

"Thanks to the national policy adopted since 2007 by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, illiteracy has significantly declined in our country. The illiteracy rate was 9.11% among women and 11.16% among men with an overall rate of 10%, while it was 42% before 2006," Barki told the press on the sidelines of the inauguration of a literacy centre in Ain Bessam (west of Bouira).

It was an opportunity for her to reiterate the association's willingness to step up efforts to build and equip literacy centres nationwide, in accordance with the agreement signed between the association and the mobile phone operator Ooredoo in 2006.

"This is the fifth literacy centre inaugurated under this agreement, and the fifteenth nationwide thanks to the association's continuous efforts to further curb illiteracy in our country," added Barki. "This centre aims at teaching 100 illiterates per year," she said, stressing its importance for the region.

As regards future projects, Barki said that the association intends to build a pilot literacy centre in Cheraga (Algiers), in collaboration with different partners, including Ooredoo.