Importance of Emir Abd el Kader's heritage in current world asserted in Oxford

APS - 16 February 2017

OXFORD (U.K.)- The importance of Emir Abdelkader El-Djaza�ri’s approach for the current world, “which is marked by conflicts and tensions between religions” was affirmed Wednesday evening at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in the U.K.

Academics, teachers, researchers and students of the prestigious university of Oxford as well as the Algerian ambassador to the U.K Amar Abba attended the conference given on the subject by Idriss Jazairy, Executive Director of the Geneva Centre for the Advancement of Human Rights and Global Dialogue.

During this meeting, Jazairy stressed that the Emir’s values remain relevant, more than ever, highlighting the values “of respect, tolerance and humanism, advocated in times of war and peace.”

The Emir, who highly valued the respect of others was a man of peace “reaching out to his enemies, before resorting to his sabre.”

“He offered refuge and hospitality to thousands of Christians, implementing the percepts of Islam, the religion of tolerance. He also advocated, as a precursor, humanism in times of war,” said Idriss Jazairi.

The director said that the world, which is dealing with a situation particularly marked by tensions and intolerance among religions is most in need, today, of these values of tolerance and humanism.

�“Humanity, which sinking deep into violence, hatred, and extremism should follow the example of Emir Abd el Kader, the messenger of peace and fraternity, by following the values included in his book "Al Mawaqif” (The positions),” said Idriss Jazairi.�