Jordan's International Holy Quran Competition: Algerian Sonia Belatel ranks 2nd

APS - 03 April 2017

AMMAN-Algerian Sonia Belatel ranked second (2nd) at Jordan's 12 the International Holy Quran Competition, which wrapped up Monday in Amman.

The Algerian candidate, which is student at the Higher Teaching School of El Eulma (Arabic language) in the province of Setif, ranked second just a quarter of a point ahead of Jordanian Soundouss El Kheiri, followed by Egypt, Bahrein and Sultanate of Oman. �

In a statement to APS, Sonia expressed great joy at the award she offered to Algeria but regretted the first position despite "a successful and exemplary course" during the competition according the assessment of Jordanian specialists and representatives of other countries." �

This is the first international participation for Sonia, which was selected by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to represent Algeria at this competition after she ranked first in the competition of Setif province and sixth at the national Coran week held on 18 December 2016.

Sonia hailed the efforts made by Algeria in this field and the organization of competitions and trainings in many provinces.