Legislative elections: Factor of unity to preserve peace, country's stability

APS - 23 April 2017

ALGIERS- Legislative elections of May 4 should be a factor of national unity to preserve peace and stability, considered as a red line that should not be crossed, party leaders stressed on the 15th day of the election campaign which has entered its third and last week.

The leader of the Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP) Abderezak Makri, speaking in the name of the MSP-Change Front Alliance in Ouargla, said it is time to create an alliance for Algeria in which the Algerian people live in peace and harmony.

The coordinator general of the Party of the Young (PJ), Hamana Boucharma, in an election campaign meeting political in Batna, said "Algeria's unity was a red line that should not be crossed," insisting on the "need to preserve national cohesion, which is the basis for the country's unity.

In Souk Ahras, the leader of El Karama party, Mohamed Benhamou, urged Algerian youths "to keep attached to national unity for the building of a modern and strong state through its institutions," adding that "without national unity and stability, there will be no development or economic take-off."

The secretary general of the National Liberation Front, Djamel Ould Abbes, in a political rally in Ouargla, said the young are invited to contribute to the implementation of reforms initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to boost Algerian people's unity and preserve the territorial integrity.

In a campaign meeting in Khenchela, the representative of Nahda-Adala-Bina Union, Abdellah Djaballah, stressed the factors that are likely to strengthen national unity and national reconciliation among the Algerian people, who share the same religion and a common history.

The secretary general of the National Front of Social Justice (FNJS), Khaled Bounedjma, in a rally in Tiaret, said he was convinced that the reforms initiated by President of the Republic are effective, praising the efforts made by the Army and other security bodies to preserve peace and security in Algeria.

The secretary general of the Workers' Party (PT), Louisa Hanoune, in a campaign meeting in Bouira, called for the fight against mediocrity and corruption that is poisoning the political activity in Algeria, suggesting real solutions to get the country out of the crisis.