Libyan parties agree to work for holding parliamentary, presidential elections in February 2018

APS - 15 February 2017

CAIRO- The meeting, which brought together several Libyan leaders, including Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord Fayez al-Sarraj and Field Marchal Khalifa Haftar, culminated Tuesday, in Cairo, in an agreement to work for the holding of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya in February 2018, said a communiqu� issued in Cairo following this meeting.

The participants in the meeting, to which the speaker of the Libyan Parliament Akila Salah took part, decided to create a joint commission made up of 15 individuals at the most, selected among the members of the parliament and the High Council of State, to find solutions to unresolved issues and reach a consensual draft to be submitted to the Libyan Parliament for adoption, in accordance with the political agreement signed in December 2015, under the aegis of the United Nations.

The Libyan leaders reached, following a series of meetings held in several neighbouring countries, including Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia, an agreement enshrining several “undeniable and unchanging” national principles, including the preservation of Libya’s unity and its territorial integrity,” as well as the current requirements involving the establishment of a strong State with solid institutions, united people and operational army.

The participants condemned “any form of foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Libya and the shedding of the Libyan blood, while committing to establishing a civil, democratic and modern State, based on the principle of the peaceful change in power, understanding and the acceptance of others, in addition to the rejection of any form of marginalization and exclusion, the strengthening of the national reconciliation and the fight against terrorism and extremism.”