Medea: Cemetery containing tombs probably dating back to pre-Ottoman period discovered

APS - 15 February 2017

MEDEA (Algeria)-A cemetery containing several tombs probably dating from the pre-Ottoman period was fortuitously discovered on a construction site located in the area of Tahtouh, downtown Medea, the local culture directorate said on Wednesday.

The remains of several tombs, made up of stone slabs, were accidently discovered during excavation works of a land to accommodate a real estate project the head of the heritage department Ahmed Merbouche told APS.

In addition to human bones found inside and close to the tombs discovered, the members of the heritage department team of the directorate of culture recovered, on site, several pottery and ancient ceramic fragments which go back to period going from the 16th to the 17th century of the second millennial, said the source.

A committee regrouping representatives of several sectors will be set up soon with the mission of identifying the exact nature of this site and what it contains, to then proceed to the transfer of human bones found on site to one of the region´┐Żs cemeteries, he added.