Messahel arrives in Libya for working visit

APS - 19 April 2017

AL BAYDA (East of Libya)- Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel arrived Wednesday, in Al Bayda (East of Libya), for a working visit that will lead him to various regions of the country within the framework of the efforts made by Algeria to support the political process to settle the Libyan crisis.

Upon his arrival to Al-Abrak international airport, in the city of Al Bayda, Messahel was welcomed by several local personalities. He will start his tour that will lead him to various cities and regions of the country to meet with personalities and other players of the Libyan political scene.

This tour is part of the efforts that Algeria has always made to bring the Libyan brothers’ positions closer for a lasting political solution to the crisis through the inter-Libyan inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation which preserves Libya’s territorial integrity, its sovereignty and the unity and cohesion of its people.

In April 2016, Messahel went to Tripoli (Libyan capital) as part of a visit, the first of its kind of an Arab and African minister following the installation of the members of the government of national accord in Tripoli. During this visit, he reiterated Algeria’s support for the restoration of peace, security and stability in Libya.

The United Nations representative for Libya Martin Kobler dubbed Messahel’s visit “a message of strong support to the Libya’s stability.”