National drug production meets 61% of needs

APS - 10 February 2017

ORAN- The national production of medicines meets currently 61% of the needs, said Thursday, in Oran, Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abdelmalek Boudiaf.

In an inspection visit to several projects relating to his sector in the province of Oran, notably the Algerian private company of medicines SOPHAL, the minister said that Algeria has made a major progress in terms of drug manufacturing, underlining that 70% of the needs will be met by the end of 2017.

Boudiaf said that the State�s encouragement to produce medicines allowed achieving the rate of 61% and consequently reducing the import bill by 4% last year thanks to the ministry�s local production strategy.

The main objective is to encourage the production of medicines to meet all the local needs and export to African countries, he added, pointing out that some medicines and medical equipment manufactured in Algeria are exported to eleven African countries.

While broaching the government�s efforts to strengthen, encourage and support the national production which didn�t exceed 5% few years ago, the minister affirmed that the Algerian market is promising and that private operators and international laboratories should be encouraged to work more to enable Algeria to become among medicine exporting countries.